Attractive Apartments for Rent at Frederiksberg

Published: 25th September 2009
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Frederiksberg is by far the most popular place to stay for rent in Copenhagen. Rødovre is the least popular. This is indicated by the latest statement made by

The property seekers flock to rent apartments in Frederiksberg. In July, an average of 69 property seekers responded, each time a rental property at Frederiksberg was advertised as vacant on, Denmark's largest online advertisement media for rental properties. is basing its figures on a review of all rental ads from last July for rooms for rent for less than DKK 4000, one-room apartments for less than DKK 5000 and one-two bedroom apartments for less than DKK 6000.

This analysis shows that during the summer Frederiksberg has obtained the first place as the most popular area for property rentals in Copenhagen from the Eastern City Area, which last summer had the highest interest. According to Henrik Loevig, Portal Manager at, this development is due to the fast that particularly young people are taking interest in living at Frederiksberg.

- Frederiksberg is close to several colleges of the higher education, and the area has a rich culture life as well as large parks. It is a quiet alternative to the hectic atmosphere downtown and in the inner city areas, says Henrik Loevig.

Downtown reduced to sixth place
Some what surprising is the fact that the downtown area of Copenhagen K appears at number six on the list of most popular areas for property rentals in Copenhagen. On average, the landlords of rental properties in Copenhagen K receive 36 inquiries from property seekers when they advertise an apartment for rent for less than DKK 6000 per month on Henrik Loevig, however, considers that it should not be seen as an expression of Copenhagen tenants not wanting to line close to the High Street / Shopping area and City Hall.

- Our figures also show that the cheapest rooms and apartments for rent in Copenhagen K are let out significantly faster than in the rest of Copenhagen. On average, it takes no more than six days to let out an apartment in Copenhagen K. In comparison it may take up to 10 days in the rest of Copenhagen. This inevitably limits the number of property seekers who can contact the landlord in time, says Henrik Loevig.

Rødovre least popular
In the less popular end of the scale you find Rødovre. Here only an average of 10-11 property seekers responds every time a landlord advertises a room or an apartment for rent. This is only half as many as same time last year.

And Rødovre is not the only place in Copenhagen to fall back in the statistics. Valby and Copenhagen SW are not so popular anymore when it comes to attracting the property seekers. Last year in July around 50 people responded, on average, to each rental ad in Valby. This year the figure dropped to 22. The same trend exists in Copenhagen SV. Last year 31 people responded to each rental ad - this year the figure dropped to 13.

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